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Why is a Landscape Plan so important.

Compare it to building a house.

When constructing a house, a plan is drawn up so that contractors and builders know what the layout is, how much material to buy, and how big to make the foundation.  Room size and location is well thought out to improve flow and livability. Without a plan, there would be no organization, continuity, or coordination. It's the same when landscaping without a landscape plan. A landscape plan coordinates, unifies, beautifies and creates a smart, professional approach to your yard, focused on your wants, needs and budget.

Landscape Design

The starting foundation for any plan is to make sure water is diverted away from buildings, lawn and patio areas. It also shows  boundaries; buildings and utility lines. 

Concept/hardscape plan

The most important ‘walls’ in your yard are the ones defining the edge of your lawn and patio. They need to be the correctly sized to accommodate family and friends activities, dining needs, entertaining, playing yard games and relaxing.

Using the walls and windows of the house are important to stage your landscape. Planning the view people see when looking outside makes your house seem larger and  research has shown makes people happier. Placement  of trees and shrubs around the outer edges of your property creates safety and security.

Paths are like hallways, they need to be placed correctly to allow for flow around your house. For example to the front and back doors, access to patios, lawns and garden. Without making maintenance a burden.

Designs show the complementary materials to use for all  patio, path and mulched areas. They are  consistent throughout the design so it looks smart,  unified and professional.

Either the space is designed around the furniture you have or want to have.  A small deck with oversized furniture is a nuisance when you cannot get to your seat without making other move.

Planting plan/Concept plan

Flower color palette - we don’t need to guess what looks good, smart people have studied this for centuries and there is an exact science behind it.  The rules of the color wheel tell you exactly what looks good together. Having every flower color in random amounts does not look good.

Landscape design is no longer choosing plants just for how they look. Plants in the 2020’s do more:

  • flourish for up to four seasons

  • hardy for Missouri climate

  • live for decades

  • roots enrich the earth, stop erosion and slow water runoff

  • foliage absorbs Co2, transfers it to the roots, which turn it to carbon

  • create oxygen

  • live without pesticides and irrigation

  • creates the circle of life

  • provide nectar for hummingbirds and butterflies

  • pollen for beneficial pollinators

  • seed for birds

  • protection for wildlife

  • medicinal 

  • and more

Maintenance Plan

Immersion Landscaping maintenance plans are easy to follow, giving you simple and clear instructions to fit into your busy lifestyle.

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