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Our Services:

Landscape Design

Landscape Design Procedure

Our professionally qualified landscape design team uses CAD to create your Personal Landscape Design Portfolio.   

The Landscape Design process has a universally structured format:

1) Initial Design Consultation also known as the design brief. Immersion Landscape Designer will come for an onsite visit to ascertain what you and your family are wanting

2) Sign a contract for the exact design components you require,  and pay 50% deposit of the quote.

3) Designer will come to your property to do a site survey and analysis of the site, within two weeks of the signed contact.

4) Concept plan will be prepared for presentation

5) Present concept plan to client (visit 3)

6) Prepare final plan set and schedules

7) Prepare sundry documentation

8) Present plans to client (visit 4) Pay remainder  of balance. 

Designing with sound landscaping practices is key to our business. Improving the lives of our clients, our land and all living creatures is our success story.


After your Personalized Landscape Design is completed, you are welcome to use some of our services:

  • plant installation

  • mulching

  • rock work

  • edging

  • level and seed lawns

  • land contouring 



Immersion Landscaping will work with you to keep your landscape thriving. A full range of maintenance options are available providing flexibility to fit into your busy lifestyle.

All advice  follows an Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM)  based on sound, ethical practices, as directed by the Missouri Department of Agriculture. Kirsten has Category 3 Commercial Applicator License #C25154 from the Missouri Department of Agriculture.  Integrated Pest Management techniques (IPM) are key in maintaining a thriving landscape. Use of pesticides is the last resort after proper evaluation of the problem.  

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