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Landscape Design Portfolio

CAD drawing

Concept drawing 

Elevation drawing

Elevation drawing

Plans for your Personalized Design Portfolio:

Concept Plan: this shows the outlines of buildings with doors and windows; existing and proposed hardscape elements like paths, patios and retaining walls;  layout of lawn and garden areas; and the levels of elevation.


Hard landscaping layout plan: In complex projects a separate hardscape plan may be included with the concept plan. This will show the layout of hardscape elements and make for easy installation.


Planting plan: Details all the planting and plants for the new design. There will be supporting documentation including a Planting Schedule and Specifications. This includes where plants can be purchased, and detailed information on planting practices as necessary.


Elevation plans: One or two elevations will accompany the concept plan to help you, the client, better visualize the new garden.

Construction plans: A labeled diagram will show you exactly how to do specialized construction, as per the manufacturers guidelines. 

Maintenance PlanLandscape maintenance plans are easy to follow, giving you simple and clear instructions. All advice follows an Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM)  based on sound, ethical practices, as directed by the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

Planting Plan

Construction Plan

construction plan, Pergola.jpg
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