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Meet The Team



Kirsten has a Landscape Design Degree from Anna Grisham School of Landscape Design; a Bachelor of Education from Otago University; and a Diploma of Teaching from Dunedin Teachers College.

Kirsten is a professional member of the Grow Native program and the Missouri Prairie Foundation. Keeping up to date on native plant research and restorative practices.

She is an active member of the Phelps County Master Gardeners, presently leading a team of 14 members redesigning one of the gardens to provide food and protection for birds - a Feather Friendly Bed. She is on the education committee, fundraising committee and management team.


An active member of the Meramec Hills Master Naturalist, she is part of a two person team maintaining the MN pollinator beds at the Center.

Kirsten has Category 3 Commercial Applicator License #C25154 from the Missouri Department of Agriculture.  Integrated Pest Management techniques (IPM) are key in maintaining a thriving landscape. Use of pesticides is the last resort after proper evaluation of the problem.

Kirsten and Andrew's  property became a National Wildlife Federation sanctuary in 2020.

Kirsten has spoken at:

Salem Gardening group on using color in the landscape

          MST ecology group on the importance of               Missouri native plants

Rotary Club of Rolla on creating a bird habitat

Master Gardeners Core class on landscape design for Rolla and Waynesville groups;

Various Master Gardener meetings on pruning; Designer Piet Ouldof; Container gardening

The Rolla Lions Club on Healthy Lifestyles

The Rolla Chamber of Commerce on Healthy Lifestyles

Kirsten  is available to speak on a variety of garden and environmental topics.

Currently on the advisory board for Compass Health Care since 2018.

Fit Phelps:  Health and Wellness community program 2013.

Advisory Board for Rolla Community Garden 2013.

She also supports the Ozark Rivers Audubon; Rolla Community garden; National Audubon Association; Missouri Native Plant Society; and the National Wildlife Federation.



Gerda, named by Kirsten's youngest son after the Norse god of gardening, is a Vermeer TX925, diesel, narrow track loader.

She has a great work ethic. Consistently working at 4.5 mph, she never gets tired, as long as she gets her lunch - 14 gallons of diesel.

Small spaces are no problem. She can drive through gates 36" wide, unless she is wearing her 42" wide bucket.

Extremely versatile for all your gardening needs:

She loves to lift and can move up to 925 lbs of plant material; mulch; rocks; and earth.

She has a u-shovel for digging holes to get plants in or out.

Her leveling platform not only levels the ground but also carries supplies.

At 106" in length she can maneuver on her tracks in areas where her larger skid loader relatives couldn't fit.  The tracks are better at dispersing her light weight of 3465 lbs than tires but wet mud is not Gerda's thing.


Gerda has a chariot platform for her teammate Kirsten,  they both love working together.

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