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Know about Invasive Plants

What do we mean by "Invasive?"

An aggressive, nonnative species whose presence causes or is likely to cause economic harm, environmental harm, or harm to human health.

Environmental Impacts of Invasion

Invasive plants threaten the health of natural areas by changes in soil chemistry, land for processes, fire regime and hydrology.

Replacement of diverse systems with monocultures of nonnative species.

Economic Impacts of Invasion  Invasive plants alone are conservatively estimated at $35 billion/year

The flora of Missouri

2842 species

1957 Native (69%)

885 exotic (31%)

<2% are invasive

If we don't get rid of invasives when numbers are small, it will become impossible to eradicate them.

Immersion landscaping will eradicate them and select plants which are not invasive.

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