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 Native Plants look pretty, are tough and create a thriving circle of life.

We are continually learning about the magic of plants. With extreme variations in weather  native plants with their long roots survive drought, flooding and winter freezing.

Native Roots_small__1535548921565.png

Native Plants have deep roots

This is why they thrive in Missouri. No matter what Mother Nature throws at them they will survive  -  the ground can freeze  to 18 inches and as you can see that is not a problem for our Native Plants.  The deep roots hold the soil in place to stop erosion and hold the water to absorb downpours. Part of the roots die each year to put nutrients back into the soil to keep them looking great.

Compare Native plants to the first example given above, shallow rooted turf grasses, which need frequent watering as the root zone dries out quickly. 

Native Plants each have attributes that support one another and us.

Landscape design is no longer choosing plants just for how they look. Plants in the 2020’s do more:

  • look beautiful 

  • flowers for cutting and arrangements

  • great for pots

  • flourish for up to four seasons

  • hardy for Missouri climate

  • perennials, shrubs and trees live for decades

  • roots enrich the earth, stop erosion and slow water runoff

  • foliage absorbs Co2, transfers it to the roots, which turn it to carbon

  • create oxygen

  • live without pesticides and irrigation

  • sustain the circle of life

  • provide nectar for hummingbirds and butterflies

  • pollen for beneficial pollinators

  • seed for birds

  • protection for wildlife

  • medicinal 

  • and make you feel happy and alive.

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